Women’s Empowerment

The Miner Foundation is committed to empowering women to be the author of their future.  Women and children are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in the United States.  Our core belief is that helping each woman achieve self-reliance is key to their long-term success. We partner with programs that help women find sustainable income and work.  In many impoverished nations, women are responsible for producing 80% of the food.  We partner with programs that empowers mothers achieve self-sustaining work, and send their children to school.

Moreover, we are committed to the empowerment of women in the workforce so women may have more control over their lives, obtain a sense of freedom to make their own schedules, and learn new skills and gain self-reliance.  We believe in educating about the significant benefits of gender equality in the workforce, allowing women more power and control in the workplace thereby allowing businesses to diversify decision-making, and ensuring each employee receives equal compensation to that of other employees of similar rank, experience, and tenure. Finally, we believe that businesses should provide equal access to company-supported education and vocational training programs and that employers should encourage women to pursue nontraditional jobs and ensure that all employees have equal opportunities to get involved with mentoring programs.