Starting Out

Justine Miner is no stranger to hard work and effort and understands the value of planning and execution. As an award winning chef in San Francisco, Ms. Miner would hand pick only the freshest and healthiest vegetables for her menu. Ms. Miner's approach to her philanthropic endeavors is just as calculated. Instilled by her father's Assyrian roots and her mother's European ancestry, Ms. Miner demonstrates a strong sense of community in her philanthropic and business endeavors, and The Miner Foundation is a further expression of the close ties she keeps with her family, friends and staff. 

Having now taken a well needed hiatus from the ultra-competitive scene in the Bay Area, Justine began her philanthropic endeavors in 2013 by partnering with well-established and committed non-profit partners around the globe to help end poverty and bring life giving resources to those in need. Then, in 2014 Ms. Miner decided she could carry on her family's legacy of giving by starting her own Foundation with the help of Board Members, Sonny Olsen and Kelly Lawson. 

In late 2014, Justine Miner added eight advisory members to assist with identifying grant opportunities that meet the Foundation's mission. 

The Miner Foundation was very active in 2014 providing twelve grants in its first year and is on pace to match that in 2015.